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Guangzhou new automatic hot & cold adhesive vinyl film lamination machine

Guangzhou new automatic hot & cold adhesive vinyl film lamination machine

Bei ya kawaida 2,600,000.00 TZS
Bei ya kawaida Bei ya kuuza 2,600,000.00 TZS
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Upgrade your lamination process with the Guangzhou new automatic hot & cold adhesive vinyl film lamination machine. Experience faster production times and improved quality results with this advanced technology. Works with a variety of materials, providing a smooth and durable finish every time.

2-Function Cold & Hot Laminating Machine

This machine perfectly combines 2 different laminating functions into 1 machine body. While the size is small.


1. Two functions: Cold & hot lamination;
2. Two working modes: Automatic/ Foot Pedal;
3. Stepless speed regulation, just speed up as you like it;
4. Anti-slanting feeding system, qualified to deal with rolls, eg. 50m;
5. Adjustable & heatable laminating rubber roller, perfectly adjusts to any thicknesses.

Cold & Hot Laminating Machine
Lamination Width
Net Power
Heating Power
Material Thickness
Pressure Adjustment
Operating Temperature
Foot Switch
Warm-up Time
Frequency Response
Packing Size
Product Introduction

Small size

Relatively small body design can save a lot of room, even in a tiny workshop, the usage will not be limited.

Adjustable Laminating Roller

This heavy rubber laminating roller can be adjsted through a manual handle, depending on the thickness of the materials. No matter laminating a film on a PVC foam borad or another thin film, the smoothness will be secured.

Stepless Speed Regulator

With this foot pedal, you will be able to adjust the speed as you need. The regulation of the speed is stepless, that means, you don't have to wait for a few seconds until the speed is switched, it just happens in less than 1 second.

Aluminum Alloy Flatbed

A flat, tough flatbed is one of the factors of a successful laminating work. Working with our heatable laminating roller, an anti-bubble laminating process will no longer be a legen.

1. Press Green "Start" button, you can switch the laminating mode into COLD or HOT, according to the material and the prodution demand.

2.Press "ON" and "SET", then adjust the temperature of laminating roller through "MINUS" and "PLUS" 


1.Do not operate until the printing material is completely dry;
2.Moving the rubber roller slowly during warming up;
3.Adjust the rubber roller to a proper pressure before working;
4.Turn off the heater when finishing HOT lamination, to prolong machine's service life;
5.Always keep the rollers clean;
6.If not in use for a period, please lift up the rubber roller;
7.Do not use hard objects to damage the rubber roller.

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